Pacific Coast Steel Detailing
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PCSD's Design EDGE BIM Program are being used by Steel Engineers for Design Integration.

a.) By utilizing PCSD's Design EDGE BIM Program in the design phase, your firm will be shown to continuously look for opportunities to improve the construction delivery process. You can give your customer a higher level of customer service.

b.) Leverage the unique intellectual property of your connection designs by utilizing a BIM approach for knowledge transfer and increase efficiency across projects.
c.) Design discrepancies would be made aware of at the model stage, instead of waiting for shop details and RFI's to be created. This would make the fabrication drawing approval process much quicker, smoother, and would eliminate additional costs.

d.) A PCSD Design BIM can be exported into other third party software.


I look forward to speaking with you to discuss how Pacific Coast Steel Detailing can benefit your firm.
Todd Silvia

Below is a sample of a Design BIM that is at the early stages of completion.

Click to view interactive PCSD Design BIM (pictured below)